Guest Post: Marie Felipe on the Rolling Stones

This week’s guest post comes from Marie Felipe, a lover of music and particularly the epic Rolling Stones. As I’m a fan myself, it was hard to pass up an article on Mick and the Boys (or is that Mick and the Grandads?). Anyway, here she is…


Celebrate The Stones Age With Us

We might never see a pop/rock act being such a major force 50 years after their debut. And that’s why I’m writing this article out to celebrate Rolling Stone’s 50 years in the music industry. Remember that you are watching history when you are watching the legendary Rolling Stones. They are the biggest and greatest rock and roll band all of time. And they will always be. Here are 5 reasons why The Rolling Stones are the biggest and greatest rock band in the world.


  1. Everything they do turns into Gold. Their A Bigger Bang is already the #1 tour of all time. The Stones are the only band to hit #1 singles in the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s,00’s. Their singles are also the longest staying singles in billboard charts.
  2. Every band out there, that tries to perpetuate that tough guy image, owes something to the Rolling Stones – they are the original.
  3. The Stones are no strangers to football’s biggest game. Last 2006, The Stones played to an audience of 1 billion people at the superbowl. It was one of the best superbowl performances if you would survey people. And just last Superbowl, Mercedes – Benz 2013 Superbowl Commercial used the soundtrack of the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil. The commercial was wicked! I would wager that plenty of fans had wish to see them returning on that stage after that commercial.
  4. Everything the Stones do is a major media event. Whether it’s a scandal, a tour or an album. Admit it, when the Stones come into your town they are front page news. Can you say the same about Green Day or U2 or any other rock bands out there?
  5. The Stones are more alive at 65 years old than you will ever be. The Rolling Stones are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, marked by the compilation GRRR! They are booking gigs and concerts for this 2013 year. “We haven’t finished yet” said Keith Richards.


So enough already about how old the Stones are. Why do the Stones get so much crap about their age anyway? Maybe it’s because they are still the biggest name out there playing on the biggest stage in the world.  It’s time to start thinking about the Stones like blues greats BB King and Muddy Waters. They are growing rock up and taking it farther than anyone (not the Beatles, not Elvis) have taken the genre before. The Stones age should be celebrated!

And to give you something to celebrate the stones, I want to share to you this site I saw and I’m sure other Stones fans would love it. They have this really cool graphics that would take you to a journey of the Stones in the music industry. Hard core fans of The Rolling Stones from all over the world. Put on some real good Stones music, play it loud, and enjoy your stay there. I’m out of here.



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