Guest Post – Steam Retro

Steam Retro have been making jewellery and other bits and pieces (for both the Gothic and Steampunk markets) for a while now, selling locally in Spain at craft fairs and markets, and starting up their webpage But they hail from far chillier climes. In fact, right around the corner from me in Yorkshire! Since they’ll be attending the Steampunk Doncaster event in June, I thought it only right that you all get acquainted. So here they are. Steam Retro in their own words:

“Growing  up in Yorkshire in the 80s it was difficult not to be a goth! Now we have more  fun in the world of Steampunk. As you know, we’re going to Steampunk Doncaster for our  first overseas adventure [and to try the beer!]. We’ve been trading on ETSY for 3  months, and after a slow start its now going really well, and we are learning/improving as we go along!”

Check out their first eBay listing:
You can also find them on Twitter at @SteamRetro. Check them out!
Thanks for reading.

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