Steampunk has eaten my life.

That’s right, it’s finally official. Just about every waking moment of my existence has become embroiled in some kind of cog-based awesomeness in one manner or another.

The Steampunk Doncaster festival continues to grow at an exponential rate (and there’s still room for more to get involved!), particularly my own section, the Litarium where we now have not only a stack of author signings and workshops, but graphic novelists, poets, competitions and the like going on. Brilliant!

We’ll also be shooting a video for a kickstarter campaign which might help us cover the costs of some of those brilliant things that’ll be going on. As Steampunk Doncaster is a non-profit kind of thing, we’ve begged and borrowed all we can so far, but to make it extra special I’m afraid cash is necessary; if only for posters, leaflets and to get our hands on some cool prizes for the competitions. So keep your fingers crossed, everyone,a nd I’ll post the vid as soon as it’s done.

Elsewhere, work on my next novel continues. The Adventures of Alan Shaw has almost had its first full edit and will soon be ready for consumption by Inspired Quill and a few trusted honest folk to let me know if it’s utter tosh or not.

And I’ve been making things again! As always, with festivals and the like coming up, I’ve been tinkering with some doodads for my outfit including some elbow pads (I’ve torn too many shirts falling off my velocipede) and a sidearm just in case things get a little bit hairy…

For that Jaberwock that just won't stay down...
For that Jaberwock that just won’t stay down…
In progress. Lots of glue going on here.
In progress. Lots of glue going on here.
Nearly done. Just a few touchups to do.
Nearly done. Just a few touchups to do.

I’ll show you the final result sometime later in the week, I hope. Any ideas on improvements that you gusy might have are more than welcome 😀

I’m also gearing up (hardy har) for my appearance at the Doncaster Turn The Page literary festival next week where I’ll be expected to string together coherent sentences for a whole hour infront of a crowd. Trying to figure out what people will be interested in hearing about from a little squib like me is baffling and I’ve had to turn to Twitter for suggestions. But not much has been forthcoming. Again, any suggestions are welcome! Otherwise the festival may be the last place I’m ever seen alive.

But that’s about all for now. Not a long post, but a succinct one, I’m sure you’ll agree. See you all soon!

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Steampunk has eaten my life.

  1. Busy busy busy!

    You’ve got to give an hour long talk? That’s a pretty long time to be entertaining and interesting for! If I think of any helpful suggestions, I’ll let you know…

    And oh gosh, I still haven’t done the Graeveburn review. That’s three reviews I owe to blogging buddies, MUST do those.

  2. PLEASE be careful where you carry your ‘weapon’ oh er missus! Fake ones can lead folk to come off worse in police stops etc.
    Anyway doom and gloom over…your event looks fab – I’m going to do everything I can to publicise and support it for you.

    1. Don’t worry, I’ve only got a tiny little pea-shooter, it’s very non-offensive 😉
      Hope you can make it, too, Sue! It’s right round the corner from you now you’re a Doncastrian 😀

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