Steampunk needs you!

Hi everyone,

I don’t do this often, or at all, but I need your help.

As some of you may know, I’m the literary co-ordinator (Man of Words) for my local Steampunk Doncaster Festival. This year, on the 15th and 16th and June, we’ll be holding our very first event.

We’ve already got a stack of brilliant authors (including Jonathan Green, Anna Chen and the graphic novel writing duo of Moore and Rappion), a stack of brilliant crafters and tinkerers and an exhibit stacked with artists and sculptors. We’ll be based in Donacster’s Deaf Trust building, a huge old place with lots of history, and the main aim is to bring something to our local area be it artistically, or in terms of tourism in years to come.

Basically, we want to give back to the area we live in and love.

But here’s the thing. We can’t do it for free. Being a poor starving author, and the rest of the teeam being similar creative types, we’ve poured as much money as we can into the festival to make sure it happens. But there’s only three of us on the crew and we can do no more than we already have. The Deaf Trust building, being a registered charity, has cost a small fortune in itself. And that’s why we need you to visit our Indiegogo campaign.

We don’t expect you to donate your life savings, or anything at all, for that matter. But every single hit, share, Like and Tweet we can get, spreading the word, is a massive help. And that’s where you guys come in.

If you need incentive, I look an absolute fart in the campaign video (well worth a chuckle, I assure you). Here it is!

Steampunk Doncaster Campaign

That’s pretty funny, right? What a doofus.

Anyway, please hit the page there and share your little hearts out. And encourage people you know to share it, too. We want to make this thing grow, year after year, and get better and better, so every little helps.

Thanks for reading guys!


4 thoughts on “Steampunk needs you!

  1. Hahaha, that is one COOL video, dude! Worth every penny of a donation 🙂

    I will tweet it to help in any way I can. I’m looking forward to attending. It’ll be my first festival.

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