Steampunk Doncaster: The Aftermath



Well folks, it’s finally come and gone. Steampunk Doncaster festival was a huge success.

We’re all very blissfully exhausted after a fantastic weekend of events. And there’s so much to share and tell you all that I think I’ll split it into several posts. But first, an overview…

Although I don’t have official numbers yet, we had something in excess of 700 attendees in our first year. That included an army of Steampunks, Goths with some truly incredible outfits, but also lots of people who were curious as to what we were up to and had come to talk to us and share the fun.

I certainly met some fantastic people and a whole new set of friends. The only downfall was that there just wasn’t enough time to talk to everyone.

A new family of friends from all over the country (and a few other nations, too) take some well-deserved sustenance.
A new family of friends from all over the country (and a few other nations, too) take some well-deserved sustenance.

Injuries of note:

1. “Steam-lash” – A kind of whiplash I seem to develop at Steampunk and Goth events as I strive see and expeience everything, whipping my head from side to side shouting “That’s so cool!” or “Please tell me how you made that!”. I will be in a supportive collar for quite some time after this weekend.

2. “Author’s wrist” – A joyous little pain in my wrist tendons from meeting so many lovely people with firm hand shakes and scribbling in people’s copies of Greaveburn. I need a splint for a week!

3. “Organiser’s Hoof” – So called because I was running around to help organise things and meet everyone that the soles of my feet have developed protective callouses not unlike a shire horse’s hooves.

But, in the end no trips to A&E were necessary. No one’s raygun misfired, inadvertently scathing a fellow enthusiast (perhaps thanks to our raygun safety expert Martin Currie who educated us on the dangerousness of photonic explosions and backfires among other such pitfalls). There were no corset-related faintings. No gentlemen were tempted to tea-duel to the death. All was well, and civilised.

Over the next few days I’ll post on the guests we had, the events and their outcomes and a few other bits and bobs, adding photographs as I get them. So stay tuned, folks!


Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Steampunk Doncaster: The Aftermath

  1. Sounds like it was wonderful! I am looking forward to my first real big Steampunk festival! I can’t wait to read more! I might have to ask you for some advice on event organisation, I am thinking of getting more involved in it, although I don’t know if I will have the time with uni and work and writing and crafting, etc!

    I love the terms steam-lash, author’s wrist and organiser’s hoof!

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