Steampunk Doncaster: The Events


We had so much fun at the Steampunk Doncaster festival that the events need a post all of their own.

Let’s start with those closest to my heart, the author workshops. Jonathan Green, Rod Gilles, Nimue Brown and Meg Kingston ran some very interesting workshops over the weekend. From readings of their current works to discussions on Steampunk mechanics, I even dropped my own little workshop on creating characters with a Q & A, too. Everyone soaked them up! the reception and feedback was immense. Thank you, Authors, for doing that.

Then there were the competitions.

Nimue’s “Bad Poetry Workshop” was a great success with Frankie Currie winning a book of poetry and his certificate for “Worst Poet” even though his take on the Hmpty Dumpty myth was actually brilliant. A little lad (who’s name I never did get) also won himself a scarecrow for his piece on Slenderman which even managed to creep me out!

The raffle had a plethora of winners with chine teapots, books and other great prizes dished out.

But the most prestigious award of the weekend went to Ash Lithgow; a young man who’s Tea Duelling  crushed his opponents to crumbs. For that Ash won a wonderful hand-made necklace which he gallantly gave to his girlfriend. Clearly a man of action and sensitivity, too. HUZZAH!

And then there was the Steampunk Writing Competition which was actually won by two people because I couldn’t bring myself to choose between their awesome stories. Lizanne Davies and Raife Keller-Cooper both received a copy of Paul Marlowe’s excellent short story collection Ether Frolics.

Three cheers for the champions!


Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “Steampunk Doncaster: The Events

      1. Kind of an honour to be mistaken for the sleuth, really. Maybe I can adopt him as a dieselpunk persona?

        Did Candice give you a copy of Ether Frolics to keep yourself?

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