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Steampunk Doncaster: The People

This is probably my favourite part of the whole festival. Without the host of crafters, authors and attendees the weekend would never have happened. So here’s a big thank you to them all.

A new family of friends from all over the country (and a few other nations, too) take some well-deserved sustenance.

A new family of friends from all over the country (and a few other nations, too) take some well-deserved sustenance.

I’ll use this photo again because it’s one of the best group shots of the weekend. Going left to right around the table we have:

Author Jonathan Green

Artist Tom Brown

Author Nimue Brown

Author Meg Kingston

Little Frankie Currie

Fellow organisers Tony and Candice (of course!)

All the way from the Netherlands, Photographer Ruud De Kort and his two models Constance Bashford and Helinja.

Martin Kingston

Little James Brown (No relation to THE James Brown)

Sam and Adam from McSkelly Leatherworks

Laura Hall (who did a brilliant job of helping us run the event and looking after my stall for me)

And that’s just in one photo! We also had a host of stall holders such as Dead Good Jewelry (who gave me a stick of celery when I needed it most), Kerry’s handmade gothic attire was incredible work, the Temperance Bar (which was anything but ;D) and Doncaster Breweries who kept us supplied with some great brews, too. Also, all the way from Spain was Malcolm and his lovely wife who’s name I forget (sorry guys) with Steam Retro jewelry store. I know a lot of people loved his work. Glad we got to have a swift pint, Malc!

We were also visited by the major of Doncaster, who opened the event:


That’s me and him. Note how he’s bought several of our author’s books. Good man!

And we were also visited by the very nice Tom (who’s surname I forget. I’m so bad at this. Sorry Tom!) who was writing an article about the virtues of Steampunk and interviewed quite a few people, too. Let’s hope he helps us to spread the word about how fun the Steampunk and Goth scene is, and get more people loving it!

And because I can;t fit everyone in textually. here’s a gallery to sum up the awesomeness of the weekend:

There’s so much more, but if I carry on, this blog post will be my next novel. So see you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.


2 responses

  1. Wow, Tom and Nimue Brown! I adore their Hopeless Maine comic! Three writers/illustrators I love in one place (including you)!

    June 19, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    • Awww thanks Laura. It’s a shame you couldn’t make it. Get yourself Steampunked up and in the Reader’s Gallery! 🙂

      June 19, 2013 at 5:42 pm

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