Back to basics

Me, back in writer mode.

Hi guys.

It seems that of late I’ve been blogging about everything other than writing. So let’s get back on that, shall we? What’s been happening in the scribblings of me? Well, The Adventures of Alan Shaw is now with Inspired Quill for the beginning of its editing journey. They have also graciously accepted Not Before Bed for reprint which, once we’re done, will have a glossy new sheen and maybe even a fresh story or two for the brand-spanking new edition.


So what am I up to while all that’s tumbling in the wash? Well, with the help of my other Steampunk Doncaster organisers, we’ve decided to try our hands at movies. And so I’m in the process of not only writing a few short films, but most importantly (for me at least) I’m working on the treatment for a live action Greaveburn trailer! That’s right, folks. You will get to see Greaveburn. I’m pretty excited, but have to remember that we’re only in the preliminary stages so this could take a while to hit film.

Deep breath, Craig.

The other films I’m tinkering with are a creepy one that I hope will tingle your spine, and another that is just an inkling of an idea at the minute. So we’ll have to see, I guess.

What else…

Oh yes, I’m hoping to do more on my comic book idea at some point. The scripts are so damned hard to write! The formatting is blowing my mind. Maybe I should just write it and format later. Is that lazy? Probably but whatever works, right?

I think that might be it for now. That’s surely enough to be going on with, right? Jeez, you’re slave drivers! ;D


Thanks for reading.


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