Once more was I interned in the Asylum in Lincoln. And once more have I escaped.

The Weekend at the Asylum convivial, as most of you will know because I’ll have told you at great length, is one of the biggest Steampunk get-togethers in the country. It’s certainly the closest for all us oop noorth. And it’s always a great time.

If you’re into attending organised events such as a ball and a fashion show, then there’s things to do. For me, it’s more about having the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Just wandering around the extensive site in Lincoln’s historic quarter is where it’s at for me, chatting in the street, meeting traders and suchlike that I haven’t met yet, and then off to The Victoria or Widow Cullen’s Well for a brew with friends.

This year was far from a disappointment in that regard.

I wasn’t intending to work this Asylum after I took Greaveburn there last year. I wanted to get out and about instead. I ended up tending the Greaveburn stall in the Assembly Rooms for far longer than I intended, but still had a great time regardless. Lots of folks came over to say hi. We sold quite a few copies, which is always good. But what really struck me was the feedback. Several people who had bought Greaveburn either the year before or in events since had come back to let me know what they thought. And the feedback was good. God bless them. They came out of their way to give a personal review face-to-face and that was a real boost. If only I didn’t get all shy and stupid in the face of compliments, I might have come across better 😀

Anyway, that was lovely.

I also got the chance to meet Inspired Quill’s latest author, Hugo Jackson. British by birth, Hugo now lives in North Carolina with his wife Maddie, and he flew all the way back to launch his book Legacy. I can only describe it as a cross between Brian Talbot’s Grandville series and a fantasy epic. Great book! It has magic, Steampunk, dragons, and all manner of awesomeness. It also turns out that Hugo is the nicest guy you’re ever going to meet. I can’t wait to read the next book in the tetralogy (made up word, I know, but brilliant).

Anyway, that’s a brief summary of the weekend. Next on the agenda? Check out the TOUR DEETS page for where I’ll be next.


Thanks for reading!


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