I has been LARPing

That’s right, folks, as usual I’ve been busy. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (try not to break into song). No more English degree to keep up with, most of the wedding is done and dusted, and The Adventures of Alan Shaw has been edited and is being fettled as we speak.

That means I actually have some free time! YAHOO!

Which means I’m blogging again (and for that I can only apologise).

So, what else have I been up to? Well, apart from Alan Shaw, I’ve been planning a fun new book to try my hand at non-fiction. I have tentatively named it How NOT to LARP. And basically it’s an excuse to try something I never have before. And so, I have tried it. My first LARP experience has been had, along with learning lots of fun new skills. I tried Empire (a LARP system) as  had friends who go there, and I had an absolute riot. As a knight of the Highguard, I can now say that I have done several things I never thought I would for example…getting stabbed in the arse by an orc. That was pretty damn funny. Oddly none of the healers were willing to help with that one hahaha.

Here’s me being totes badass (the mask was for Orc poison, obviously). Photo by Charlotte Moss.

Other adventures include being attacked by a troll, and “monstering” for other players where I had to be a bandit in the woods. The fun of trolling (not as a troll…nevermind) the other players was immense. There was a lot of running done that day. Possibly because I insinuated things about the players’ mothers which may cast aspersions on their lineage.

As part of the whole LARP experience, I wanted to try to do everything as it would be for the sake of immersion. That means things like learning to fight with a sword, and making my own armour. The latter I’ll post about at another time with photos etc. but basically I’m totally addicted to leatherworking, now.

Anyways, I had one single goal for my LARP weekend: Don’t die. And luckily, I managed that! Everything else was a bonus.

And so I am now a LARPer; I survived long enough to gain EXP, which in itself is a miracle. And I can’t wait to go back. Expect updates on future adventures!


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