Steampunk Doncaster 2014

That’s right, folks, another year, another event. Steapmunk Doncaster has happened again.

This year, I had nothing to do with the organising. Between finishing my degree, planning a wedding, finishing The Adventures of Alan Shaw for release later this year and trying to work the day job, life has been totally ballistic. And so I only attended as a lowly stall holder.

It was a quiet one this time. Whereas last year we had a little over a thousand people attend (if memory serves). I’m not sure of the exact figures but there seemed a lot less folk this time. Still, we managed to have a good time.

There was music and entertainment at night, and much drinking afterward in Doncaster’s Cask Corner which resulted in this:

Oh dear...
Oh dear…


But otherwise the whole affair was quite civilised, really…

Maybe not so much...
Maybe not so much…


I tried a new outfit, utilising my LARP and a Steampunk vambrace I made all by myself:

What do you reckon?
What do you reckon?














Generally it was a nice day. The sun was blazing outside, and the beer tent opened nice and  early. There were some great outfits from all involved, as always. Lots of inspiration for the future. And I got to chat with Sam and Dave Stone (author and publisher from Telos, respectively) which I hadn’t had chance to do for quite some time.

Looking forward to my table next year, in fact. I hope they do it again.


Thanks for reading!


P.S. Check out the Reader’s Gallery above, there are some new pics in there!


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