My Steampunk movie cameo

That’s right, someone had the ill-conceived idea of putting my face on a screen. What madness is this!?

At the recent Steampunk Doncaster event, movie enthusiast Martin Currie decided to make a short film. And somewhere a long the line someone who I once thought of as a friend (Looking at you, Adam McSkelly) decided to get me involved. this resulted in us shooting a silent movie with super overacting and chasing around.

(It was actually pretty fun hehehe)

Anyway, here’s the video. Let me know what you think of my acting debut! 😀


Thanks for readi- watching!

4 thoughts on “My Steampunk movie cameo

  1. Great fun! And a great advert for Steampunk Doncaster…2015! Is it up on YouTube yet? And please can you share with the “Book It!” FB page? Love the appearance of the Deedworthy. I hoist my cuppa to your collective talents, sirs & madames.

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