Curse of the Ginger

There’s no wonder the ancient Greeks thought that redheads became vampires after death. No other manner of people are so adverse to sunlight as the common garden Ginger.

The weather has been glorious in my hometown the last few days. This has meant two things:

  1. My Pokemon Go adventures have been blessed with sunshine
  2. My ginger blood has reached boiling point on several occasions.

I’m an author, a Ginger, and a Geek. All three things have led to me being almost transparent when viewed in direct sunlight. As such, I seek shade like some seek oxygen. Even then, I’ve managed to get sunburnt knees. KNEES! Even with the SPF 3k at my disposal.

But enough of the complaining. The weather is glorious. My knees will heal with time. And I just spotted a squirtle on my radar.

Life is good.
Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Curse of the Ginger

  1. After reading this i am glad to not be a natural ginger but instead a blonde at a young age that darkened into a dark brow. However i do have a oddly ginger facial hair which really doesnt match my head but im glad its just merely the colouring and it doesn’t come with the attraction to sun burn.

      1. I have slightly burnt arms from the hot weather the past couple of days while out and about catching pokemon but its not a painful burn and i didnt need to use sun cream for protection you could say i have superhuman skin in comparison with your easy burn skin

      2. Lets just hope thats not a sign that i am the hero that needs to protect peoe from the shade hunter that is you haha

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