Writing projects

I always wonder how those authors do it. You know, the ones who start a book and get all the way to the end in one concentrated slice of…concentration. I’d love to be able to do that. But I just can’t. Maybe I’ve gotten into bad habits. Mixing shift work with writing means that I have to take what I can get when I can get it. That also leads to writing whatever pops into my head when I get a spare moment. Hence, I always have a few projects on the go at once.

At the minute, I have a few things going on. With The Adventures of Alan Shaw part 2 being finished (subject to publisher edits) I’m working on part 3. I’m also officially back on with Emi (check the WIP page if you’re interested). However, there’s a secret third project that seems to be eating my attention right now. I’m calling it Down Days. It’s a POV book on what it’s like to suffer with depression.

It’s a strange beast in a few ways. I’m writing about myself, and some pretty personal stuff at that. I’m going for complete honesty and I’m not editing anything out. That’s scary. Secondly, I have never written anything like it before. I’m not just out of my comfort zone, I’ve been separated from it by generations of warfare. It’s turning into a great cathartic experience, though. I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much while writing. A sadistic part of me must be enjoying it as I’m already at 11k words. I have no idea how long something like this needs to be. I usually say that a story will be as long as it wants to be, so I’ll stick with that.

In other news, I’m doing a column for geek syndicate about Dungeons and Dragons! Take a look over HERE. I’m having a lot of fun writing it and, once more, I’m doing something that I’m not used to. Prose is my usual thing and all this non-fiction and article writing is keeping me on my toes. Never a bad thing.

So that’s what’s happening with me.

How’re you guys doing?

Thanks for reading.


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