My Pokemon Go progress

So the world has changed since Pokemon Go was released. I’ve met a stack of lovely people, everyone is wandering around being generally awesome in the sunshine rather than hiding away in our dens like us geeks usually do.

I joined Team Instinct (haters gonna hate). And, I have discovered, I am therefore outnumbered and outgunned to a ridiculous degree. But that’s OK. Every game I’ve ever played, be it RPG or otherwise, I choose the hard option. Always. It’s more fun that way 😁

Fifty-nine of the little blighters have been caught (I’ve seen sixty but a Wigglytuff escaped my clutches). And, as I’m sure you’re expecting, the battery on my phone has died many deaths. It’s a great game with real potential to get people outside and walking like no other app in creation. 

There have been stories of negativity, of course. People can be douchebags. But most of the truly dangerous outcomes have actually had nothing to do with the game. Someone mounting a curb to hit a kid or someone shooting another gang member has very little to do with catching charizards. As usual, I implore you to ignore the media just…forever.

I even got my first gym! Kicked those blues right out and hoisted the yellow flag of awesome! (It probably lasted all of five seconds but the victory is real)

I’m having an immense amount of fun and I’m sure you are all too. What’s your progress? Put me to shame!
Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “My Pokemon Go progress

  1. We’re in Australia so we’ve had it since day one, but hubby and i have spent most of the winter school holidays working on our Pokemon portfolio. We are both on Level 20 at the moment but are now back to school so we’ve had to drop back on it lots (especially since I have two kids under 3). So much fun though!

      1. Aw I’m sure you’ll get to that point soon – mind you, once you get to Level 20, it takes AGES to level up! You’ll probably surpass me when you get to that point anyway! Happy Pokemon hunting.:)

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