The Tao of the Author

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new thread of posts! I recently had the idea (well, someone told me to do it) to write up some of the things I’ve learned over the last six years of being an indie author. But, as usual, I can’t do anything the easy way.

There are a lot of tips for authors out there. A lot of tricks and get-there-fast schemes. There are a lot of online courses that will cost you hundreds and teach you nothing. There are good ones as well, but they take some finding.

So, I wanted to do something a little different. I’ll be avoiding tips on how to craft a chapter, how to pace your novel, how to make a short story really hit home, and I’ll be focusing more on philosophy.

WAIT! DON’T GO! It’ll be good, honest.

In an effort to make it sound all impressive, I’ll be calling the thread The Tao of the Author. Hopefully some of the things I share will help you to better contend with the mental and emotional hurdles that a lot of authors have to climb over. I know that I have. We’ll be talking about Imposter Syndrome, handling rejections, and how to maintain your headspace when its swimming with worlds and voices both real and imagined. We’ll be talking about some of the advice out there, how it sounds profound, but can actually be toxic to your creative survival. I’m hoping it will be useful and fun to read.

Just one explanatory note: I’m not perfect. Oh, sweet Cthulhu, I am not perfect. The Tao isn’t coming from a high hilltop where I meditate in a state of creative perfection. The reason I can share these things with you is because I have fallen foul of them and still do on occasion. But, if we keep reminding each other of these important things, maybe it’ll get easier for all of us.

The first post will be “The Magic Bean” and it’ll drop tonight. I’ll be writing a bunch of these and releasing them on Wednesdays, I think.


As always, thanks for reading, everyone. Your constant support keeps me dreaming, keeps me writing, keeps me going.

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