As I mentioned in my last post, I might be taking a hiatus from prose for a month or two but I’m still keeping the creative muscles flexed. I’ve mostly been doing this by writing haiku, which is my equivalent of a crossword puzzle or playing sudoku. I love these little fellas and I thought that I’d share some with you. Some are just random thoughts and images, others are around something I overheard on tv and decided to use it as a writing prompt “Looking for love in all the wrong places”.

That prompt has been good to me of late. While writing The Adventures of Alan Shaw, I’ve taken my first forrays into romance and it’s been quite a learning curve. The prompt has made me really think about romance from a realistic point of view; how imperfect it can be, how we can make mistakes so easily, how we can pick the wrong person or the wrong person can pick us.  And so that’s a bit of explanation for when you get to those haiku (and the poems I might post later from the same prompt).

Anyway, without much further ado, here’s a few haiku!


Purple shards scratch
pale scars in heaven’s belly.
Winter’s grim revenge.


This is how it ends.
With a clash and a whimper.
Unjust Finale.


Briefest emotion;
A crushing spasm of the
heart. I wanted you.


There is a glow about
you. Infectious to me.
An autumn log fire.


Supple willow fronds;
The knots made by our fingers.
Tenderness and strength

Well, that’s a few for you. Hope you enjoyed them! I’ll be at Leeds Central Library tomorrow at a Steampunk event (See the Tour Deets page) so I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for reading!


That’s right, kids, I don’t just write short stories. And, to be honest, I avoid poetry like the plague. But Haiku are nice little snippets that I can get really engrossed in. Sorting them into syllables is like a little creative writing brain-teaser. A  crossword for authors, if you like. And so I can’t get enough of them! Now, I know that traditionally, haiku are supposed to reference a season at some point, and theyre supposed to follow the 5/7/5 syllable rule, but some of these don’t. What can I say, I’m a callous, literary rebel. But anyway, have a look. I hope you enjoy them.

Meteor Shower 
Sparks shed a trail.
Atmospheric Grinder.
Wormwood coming home.
The Beautician
Above a crest of
plastic breasts and Matalan tan,
not much goes on.
Poor dusty Fender,
Missing a string, out of tune.
I’ll pick you up soon.
Made-up words
If there is one thing
I absitivley hate,
it’s comboined words.
Woman on the train
New haircut, old face.
New bagm new shoes, new coat.
Same old face.
View from a frosted window
Trees expose themselves,
despite Winter’s bitter bite.
Rough, naked skins.

That’s enough for now, I reckon. Hope you enjoyed them.

Thanks for reading.