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Author First

As a sideline to my writing, and to make sure I can eat, I’m running a service whereby I help folks with their own writing.

It’s called Author First, because I’m an author first and an editor second, so I can help you creatively AND technically. Also, you will always come first. You can get the professional input reserved for those with publishers while maintaining control over your project.

It’s easy. If you want a professional edit or proofread of your work, head over HERE

Now, if you use a larger freelance service, it will cost an arm and a leg. Those of you who know me, know that I don’t hold with that sort of thing.

I have a firm belief that someone’s grasp of punctuation and grammar shouldn’t hold back the story they have to share. Your imagination should never be restricted. So let me do that part for you.

You dream it, I’ll fix it.

How does that sound?



Projects completed:

Verity Twigg and the Da Vanci Quill Mystery – Jill Brooksbank

“Those comments are unbelievably brilliant…you have seen things that [previous editors] didnt…”