Coming Soon: Down Days

I know now, that I have lived with depression my entire life.

In July 2016, I started to write a book that no one was supposed to read. It was supposed to be private, cathartic, therapy. I wanted to get down on paper what it felt like to live with depression and anxiety, to get my thoughts and feelings in order.

Over the next few months I toiled through my personal psychology with not much to guide me. I wrote about The Big Event, the nervous breakdown that lost me my career. I wrote about my dealings with doctors and councillors and medications. I shared parts of me with that page I didn’t even know were inside. I cried as much as I typed.

Down Days was the end result.

I realised that I needed to hear a story like this at some point in my life, and I never did. I realised that someone else might need to read it right now. Releasing Down Days as a free ebook saw floods of supportive emails and comments but also lots of people who did, in fact, need to read it right now. Much to my surprise, it actually helped someone.

Due to finances, I had to let the blog lapse, and the ebook die. But it didn’t, obviously. An offer for publication later and Down Days has gone from a book no one was supposed to read to being due for release at WorldCon 2019.

Written with dark humour and filled with pop culture references, Down Days is an honest, no holds barred account of living with depression and anxiety that has already been read the world over.

WARNING: This is not a self-help book. This is an honest account of living with depression, for Those-Like-Me to know that they aren’t alone.


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