Coming Soon: Oshibana Complex

Due for release in October 2020, Oshibana Complex is an experimental, philosophical Science fiction adventure about friendship, reality, and the final evolution of our species.


In Shika-One, life is cheap.

Our overheating sun has stripped this planet clean. One city stands against the ravaging solar winds. Huddled beneath a tinted shell, Shika-One City is a place of perpetual neon night.

Humanity has come together from all over the scorched globe, creating one, final nation of survivors. Race and gender are long forgotten concepts. An irradiated population can no longer have children biologically. The machine-grown people who remain call themselves synths.

Two worlds overlap.

Ar-el. An augmented reality where synths live out their designations, earning just enough xp to survive, and are shredded if they don’t work.

The Game. A virtual reality that can be anything you want it to be, where xp can be earned, and lost. An escape, a release, and for some, a necessary evil.

Between these worlds lives Xev and es friends. Trying to get by, one night at a time. But when a new synth is delivered to the Burger Stop where Xev works, e’ll begin to ask questions that only the Artificial Intelligence that runs Shika-One can answer.


Coming soon 3D cover

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