Down Days

Down Days is an insight into what it is like to suffer from depression. It’s the first time that I’ve written non-fiction and the first time I’ve ever written about myself specifically, especially with such honesty.

This has not been an easy book to write. There is a story here of the single most petrifying and life-altering experience of my existence. I have lived with a darkness of soul, flirted with suicide, and lost myself. There is also no real end to this story. I am not “better”. I’m not “fixed”. This is a condition that I continue to live with every day.

Attached to an ongoing blog that shares the experiences of others as mush as my own, Down Days is an ongoing project that I hope will help to reduce the stigmas around mental health issues.

Down Days is a free ebook which is available to download here


“A very personal journey and valuable for its candid honesty”

M.K.Wiseman, Author (@FaublesFables)


“Talented and brave”

Richard Pierce, Author (@tettig)


“A brave and worthy endeavour”

Mark Cantrell, Author (@Mark_ExcelHack)


Down Days 3D cover


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