A hero murdered.

A girl alone.

A city of villains.

From the crumbling Belfry to the Citadel’s stained-glass eye, across acres of cobbled streets and knotted alleyways that never see daylight, Greaveburn is a city with darkness at its core. Gothic spires battle for height, overlapping each other until the skyline is a jagged mass of thorns.

Archduke Choler sits on the throne, his black-sealed letters foretell death for the person named inside. Abrasia, the rightful heir, lives as a recluse in order to stay alive. With her father murdered and her only ally lost, Abrasia is alone in a city where the crooked Palace Guard, a scientist’s assistant that is more beast than man, and a duo of body snatchers are all on her list of enemies.

Under the cobbled streets lurk the Broken Folk, deformed rebels led by the hideously scarred Darrant, a man who once swore to protect the city. And in a darkened laboratory, the devious Professor Loosestrife builds a contraption known only as The Womb.

With Greaveburn being torn apart around her, can Abrasia avenge her father’s murder before the Archduke’s letter spells her doom.

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…a kick in the shin plates to more stereotypical fare…Each new scene is vivid and tangible, if sometimes repugnant and fell, allowing the city itself to become a character; a desperate, wounded beast…

Professor Upsidasium of Steampunk Chronicle. Read full review HERE


I thoroughly enjoyed Greaveburn, it’s a fantasy novel but with a real difference from the run of the mill stuff out there.

Martin Belcher – Amazon Review


Very Gormenghast & Neverwhere – right up my street!

J.D. Hughes, Author


Elsewhere I have likened it to Ghormenghast, but not in a derivative sense. It has that perfectly-built world that all good fantasy books should have, a self-contained universe which makes sense, and where all threads are combined into a rich tapestry of story. It’s a book written by someone who can tell stories, a born story-teller

Richard Pierce, author of Dead Men


This intriguing gothic tale starts with the reader wanting to get deeper into the plot. It reminded me of Gormenghast with a plot of murder and revenge….[SPOILERS]…Definitely worth reading but be warned that once you start reading you won’t want to put the book down.

Technomancer, Amazon Review


Grab a copy here!

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