Alan Shaw and the Brass Monkeys: Cover reveal!

The final installment of The Adventures of Alan Shaw Volume 1!

Alan takes his first letter of marque as a Privateer with the crew of Le Custance, an airship bound for India. Once there, Alan and the crew, an American by the name of Roy Ferris and the engineer Estelle Budreau, are thrown into the middle of the Indian Revolution where a series of garbled reports of mechanical beasts is confounding the British Army. But is Alan on the right side? And who is the beautiful Indian rebel that is stalking them?



And there you have it! The final cover in The Adventures of Alan Shaw Volume 1, the book will be on general release from the start of September. Hopefully see you then!


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Alan Shaw and the Hand of Glory: Cover reveal!

The book’s fourth adventure finds Alan in Brighton where he meets his adopted brother and his new fiance. When they decide to visit a circus on the outskirts of town, they’re witness to a series of obscure events which sets off alarm bells for Alan. Who is the dark man bearing the Ordo Fenris insignia which Alan remembers all too well. What does he want from the circus’ macabre museum. And has he come alone?

alan_shaw_5 copy


Coming next, the final installment: Alan Shaw and the Brass Monkeys.


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Alan Shaw and the Universal Formula: Cover reveal

In this third installment, Alan returns home to London to attend the Grand Exhibition with a pretty Greek chemist, Adrienne, on his arm. But the Grand Exhibition is attacked by goggled thieves who steal an ancient artifact and escape from the roof on winged contraptions. In true Shaw style, Alan takes it upon himself to hunt down the thieves, only to get himself embroiled in an ancient mystery which is coming to a close on the streets of London…



Coming next: Alan Shaw and the Hand of Glory.


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Alan Shaw and the Fate of the Automatons: Cover reveal

As promised, each of Alan’s adventures in the book has it’s own comic book-esque cover.

The first installment begins with Alan as a street urchin, contracted by a mysterious villain to deliver a single package for an outlandish wage. How can Alan refuse? Even when the package starts to tick, and the future of London hangs in the balance?




Coming next…Alan Shaw and the Clockwork Tentacle.


Embrace the weird!