Greaveburn Pre-Launch Competition

If you’ve been around recently, you’ll already know the big news. If you haven’t…where HAVE you been? Oh, you have a life? Well, I hear they’re overrated. I won’t hold it against you. Better late than never.

Anyway, in honour of the publication of my debut novel, Greaveburn, I have decided to have a bonanza. Some lucky bugger is going to win things and that could mean YOU! But I’m not going to make it easy for you. Why would I? This isn’t the kind of giveaway you find on daytime tv where the question is something like:

What is the name of the money-winning organisation for which millions of people buy tickets every week? Is it:
A: The National Lottery
B: The National Pottery
C: The National Mockery
(answers on a postcard, kids!)

No, we’re not going to do that, because that’d be crap. Instead, we’re going to go all Challenge Anneka on you. Below, you will find a couple of Greaveburn-related images. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take one of these images (or one of your own making) and use it in the most imaginative way possible. The most outrageous/funny/obscure entry wins a personalised, signed copy of Greaveburn itself for your shelf and, of course, all entries will be put into a gallery for everyone to see and share (We’ll keep track of them on the new competition page). All mediums are accepted, including photos, vids, animations or whatever else you deranged readers can come up with.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  1. A tableau of you and your Steampunk/Goth friends brandishing the logo.
  2. Respraying your car/scooter/Harley Davidson with the cover images (That’d be freaking awesome).
  3. …or maybe a tattoo somewhere about your virgin flesh? (Soooo not worth the resulting prize!)
  4. Carve the title into a motorway overpass (I in no way endorse this vandalistic behaviour………although SOME might think it cool)
  5. Get your friends to spell out Greaveburn at a football game.

Whatever you come up with…camera *click*…email (Under my pic on the right, over there)…Simple!

I’m going to leave this open until the end of September, so pop back and see if you’ve won!

Have fun!

Blog Comp Prize!

Here we are! It’s taken a little longer than  anticipated since I didn’t realise that I’d forgotten how to use Photoshop, but it’s finally here.

Firstly, thanks again to Shea, Lizzie and Aggy for their excellent ideas. They certainly had me entertained and stretching my drawing muscles; something I haven’t done for far too long. For those of you just dropping in, you can find the competition post HERE.

While they’re off reading the other post, here’s a teaser to set you off. The line art:

An battle across monochrome

…now you’re all caught up…

As you can see, I decided to do the three suggestions all in one as a movie-esque poster. I think it’s worked pretty well. The next competition should probably be for someone to write a synopsis for this movie, linking all the odd elements into one narrative. With Cthulhu, Zombies, a Mongolian Death Worm AND an immortal Templar Knight, I think it’s a sure-fire blockbuster! Answers on a postcard, kiddies!

But anyway, here’s the final piece. Drum roll, please!


Shea, Lizzie and Aggy, I hope you like it! Thanks for all your help and support throughout 😀

Thanks for reading.