So I’ve been reading…

Things have been busy lately, but I’ve finally found time to sit down and read in the middle of life and writing. So what’ve I been reading?

Nat Robinson

Basically anything this guy churns out is petrifying brilliance. As a short horror author, Nat really should be recognised more. He deserves to be up there with your favourites, whoever that may be.

I’ve read Devil Let Me Go, which is one of the few books that will never be removed from my shelves. Midway is also a slice of awesome if you like being psychologically terrified rather than gore-fested. But then he does the Splatterpunk so well, too. Truly a master of his genre. Highly recommended.

Lee Cooper – Granite Grit

Lee was kind enough to send me a copy of his book a couple of months back and it’s been daring me to read it ever since. A hard-hitting (exuse the pun) story of a man trailing his father through the gritty underworld of street boxing, it certainly is an intense read. It isn’t really my cup of tea, genre-wise, but that’s my personal preference. Perhaps someone who likes gritty realism would be better suited to it. If you like beefy boxers and bloody knuckles, this one’s for you.

Dean Burnett – The Idiot Brain

I mentioned this book briefly in Down Days. It’s a brilliant explanation of all the stupid things our extremely clever brains do and why. I found myself utterly fascinated and laughing like a loon at the same time. Burnett definitely has a flair for comedy and getting across complicated information so even I could understand it. If you’ve ever walked into a room and forgotten why, or had a conversation with someone and have no idea who they are, then maybe you should read this one.
So what about you guys? Read anything good?
Thanks for reading.


New reviews for Not Before Bed

Well, it’s time for my favourite holiday. All Hallows Eve is upon us once again. And it seems only fitting that the new print editon of Not Before Bed with its striking white cover be on the shelves and ready to rock. And, thanks the emminent thriller writer Pete Denton and the lovely Ecowitch, I also have two new reviews! Here they are:

Pete Denton

One scaaaary Hombre

“I don’t usually read speculative fiction but I’m glad that I downloaded Not Before Bed, which is a collection of short stories from the twisted mind of Craig Hallam!

This is the second e-book that I downloaded when I bought my Kindle and there are plenty of great stories to entertain you on a cold, dark night. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them, though my favourites are Laughter on the Landing, Sarah and the Monster, Lovecraft and Albert. I like it when you can read a collection of short stories and have so many good ones to try to pick the best from.

Once I had started each story I had to read to the end. One of the longest stories in the collection is – Albert. I thought it was an excellent narrative tale that draws you into his world. Craig’s writing brings each story to life and I have to give this book the 5★ rating.

Well done, Craig. I look forward to reading new stories and, hopefully, your debut novel.”

Thanks Pete! Now on to Ecowitch and what she thought:

Ecowitches love the outdoors!

A superb collection of fourteen chilling tales that you really shouldn’t read before bed (unless you’re like me and you really can’t help yourself).  Hallam has a knack for building the tension and fear slowly with Laughter on the Landing, Sarah and the Monster and Albert while giving the reader a short sharp shock with March of the Broken, The Fly Man and the title tale Not Before Bed (which by the way may be the shortest but it packs the biggest punch).  Hallam also takes the more traditional horror genres and gives them his own unique twist with the original viewpoints of Daisy Chained, Hunting Grounds and Sleeping with the Dead.  Each story is very well written and the style changes to suit the story being told with reflections of Poe and Stoker in some and Lovecraft in others.  Hallam uses his words carefully weaving the story and atmosphere together to pull the reader in and keep them there until the very last moment.  I can’t quite bring myself to pick a favourite from these stories but the one that sent the biggest shivers down my spine was the title tale Not Before Bed, which takes your own night fears and gives them a voice, and it’s not one you really want to hear.”

Incredible! I couldn’t have hoped for a better review than that!

And since we’re here talking about it…Not Before Bed is finally ready to buy from Amazon! Own yours today!

I’d like to thank everyone else who’s taken the time to read and review it, I hope I didn’t give you nightmares (Oh, who am I kidding? I hope it did!). Everyone has been extremely supportive, helpful and friendly while I’ve been putting this little project together. Now only if I could get Greaveburn accepted…

Thanks for reading!