Tour Dates

Welcome to the Tour dates page!

It’s a list of events that I’ll be attending with my books in 2018.

But you’d guessed that, right?


21st/22nd April – Sci-Fi Scarborough

An amazing event that I’ve attended every year since it began. A great event with a wealth of friendly people to geek out with.


27th May – Steampunk Decadence

Filling Doncaster’s impressive Mansion House with Steampunk was a great idea! This will be the event’s second year and it’s we worth attending. Also, it’s in my hometown. Bonus!


28th/29th July – Whitby Steampunk Weekend

I’ve been wanting to attend this event for years but always been too busy. But now, finally, I get to go! Hope fully see you there!


25th August – Weekend at the Asylum

The BIGGEST Steampunk event of the year set in the wonderful historic quarter of Lincoln.

I’ll be there for ONE DAY ONLY. But the whole weekend will be filled with brand new Steampunk talent that you can’t miss including books, comics and all kindsa wurdy stuff! Go there!